Speeches and Platforms, Pt. 2

The entire month of October has been crazy, y’all, let me tell you. For one, I officially began my final course (capstone) for my master’s degree in technology and social entrepreneurship. I’ve got two big things going for it (growing the KeativeTherapy brand and a girl’s group) and now I’ve got to buckle down and do it. Two, I’m planning on joining a new church—one in which I have already been sucked into the Children’s Ministry. And by “sucked into” I mean it called to me. I seriously love kids and want to protect them so yeah, I was going to join the team. Didn’t I say it called to me?

The craziest thing that happened this month though was winning the Popularity prize in the Korean Speech contest. Yes, I won something! Although I did hope to win, I wasn’t completely expecting to actually win. I was grateful for the free classes next term and the opportunity to speak using the language in which I will eventually become fluent. Icing on the cake was the amount of congratulatory words and encouragement given to and from the contestants. Of course, us beginners and intermediates aspired to be like the 1st place winner who was truly fluent.

To celebrate, I used my gift card from Genwa to treat my mom to a (very) late Korean BBQ birthday lunch. I got my mom to eat ojingeochae muchim (spicy dried squid strips)—TWICE. AND SHE TOOK SOME HOME. This is a woman who can barely eat shrimp if it’s not fried and is not a big fan of spicy foods. I should’ve taken pictures of her face when she found out what it was. I think she’s still in shock.

As we now enter into November and the rest of the Autumn season, I’m excited to see what these next months will bring. I’m looking forward to having the site completely finished so I can move onto other things on my to-do list, but one step at a time. I have to trust and enjoy the process.

So remember, always stay legit my peeps. c;



Letters and Grad Schools and Time, Oh My!

First of all, THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING TO READ!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I know I have been gone for a LONG time, but my time has been consumed by something I’d like to call graduate school applications.

I just wanted to come and give you all a post to let you know that I am not AWOL or MIA or anything like that. This time snag will only last, hopefully, until December 15 (when just about all of my applications are due). I want to be completely focused on these applications and alleviate any added stress, so that’s why I’m taking this little break.

I have not encountered writer’s block (THANK GOD) for Surface, and in fact, I have a few ideas for a couple of short stories (no celebs portraying characters) and fan fiction. I want to put something up for the holidays, which may or may not be a holiday story (heehee), but that all depends on what is happening in my personal life and if I have time to post something of quality. 🙂

But as for my graduate school applications, I have to get them done first. Prayers and encouraging words are very much appreciated. ;1 I plan to use KeativeTherapy in my grad school work, so comments on my writing is appreciated too!

Be blessed! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And keep having hope. 😀
Nyke P