Letters and Grad Schools and Time, Oh My!

First of all, THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING TO READ!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I know I have been gone for a LONG time, but my time has been consumed by something I’d like to call graduate school applications.

I just wanted to come and give you all a post to let you know that I am not AWOL or MIA or anything like that. This time snag will only last, hopefully, until December 15 (when just about all of my applications are due). I want to be completely focused on these applications and alleviate any added stress, so that’s why I’m taking this little break.

I have not encountered writer’s block (THANK GOD) for Surface, and in fact, I have a few ideas for a couple of short stories (no celebs portraying characters) and fan fiction. I want to put something up for the holidays, which may or may not be a holiday story (heehee), but that all depends on what is happening in my personal life and if I have time to post something of quality. 🙂

But as for my graduate school applications, I have to get them done first. Prayers and encouraging words are very much appreciated. ;1 I plan to use KeativeTherapy in my grad school work, so comments on my writing is appreciated too!

Be blessed! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And keep having hope. 😀
Nyke P

Coming Updates :-)

Hello all 🙂

I’m still working on that next update. It’s about 6 pages now and I’ve only done one half or so; at least that’s what’s in my mind for now. 🙂 However, it should be coming soon. I want to get at least two updates for Surface in before I take a 3-day or so vacation to take my little brother to college (insert extreme excitement here). So be on the lookout for that, but of course I’ll let you all know when I’ve updated if you don’t see it before then.

Also, I’m working on more personal touches of KeativeTherapy.com and really focusing on its brand. It’ll test my skills of Photoshop and such. If you see anything that may be out of place on the site or hinders your ability to read, please let me know so that I can fix it immediately.

Again, please don’t be afraid to post a comment/review on any of the stories and their chapters/updates. I do like feedback. 🙂

Lovies! ❤
Nyke P


Hello all my lovely readers! ❤

I know it’s been a little over two weeks since I updated. I tried SO hard to update Surface from this Fourth of July weekend, but I kept wanting to write more in this next chapter. I couldn’t stop. However, it gives me great pleasure to let you know that the next chapter will be published/posted either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Please be on the lookout. 🙂 Hopefully it won’t take me as long to write the next update.

And don’t forget to post a comment. ;1 I do read them.

❤ Nyke



So I’ve finally added to something! Yay! I’m already working on the next section/chapter/part (whatever you want to call it) and I can’t wait.

Please feel free to comment. You don’t have to have a wordpress.com log-in to comment. I like feedback. ;1

It’s So Hard To Say “Hello”

Haha, jk. It’s actually not that hard. Surface is actually coming along nicely. I hope to post something before the end of this week, i.e. Friday. I think that might be my goals for updating. Updates every Friday. What do ya think?

I really want to post something by tonight. That way I can get started on the next update and hopefully start working on a new story for you all. ;1


So, while I was writing the synopsis and working on the idea for the story Chasing Clouds, in pops an idea (that I was not expecting) for this story Surface. And again, while I was working on the synopsis and the idea — the characters changed (ages and everything). The entire setting and aura of the story changed. My family must have thought that I was crazy because I kept walking back and forth from the living room to the kitchen to my room for hours this morning and wasn’t saying much to anyone. So I’ve been working on that all of today and hopefully I can post something tomorrow for you all to read. I’m excited. Are you?

I have posted the synopsis for Surface, but it is short and sweet and won’t reveal too much or much of anything that will happen. *raises eyebrows with a smirk on my face* You’ll just have to read the story to see.

What’s up guys?

Hello everyone!

Thanks for coming to KeativeTherapy. I know, I know, there isn’t much up. Yet. I’m getting ready to post some stuff, probably to the fan fiction section first. I have a few stories that I would like to start on here. ;1

But anywho – poke around, tweet me. Pretty soon there will be something on here and of course I’ll let you know. I can’t wait. Can you?