The Bias List

Every KPop fan has a bias [and bias wrecker(s)] whether you’re new to a fandom or been there since a group’s debut. Scroll through and check out mine. Let me know who your biases are and if we have the same ones! * This list also expands to some older groups, disbanded groups, solo artists, k-hip hop, and k-r&b. ** means ultimate bias group(s)

Girl Groups

2NE1** debut: 09.05.17, disbanded ’17 😭
Bias: Dara
Bias wrecker(s): Bom, CL, Minzy

4Minute debut: 09.06.15, disbanded ’16
Bias: JiYoon
Bias wrecker(s): –

EXID debut: 12.02.16
Bias: Hani
Bias wrecker(s): Solji

Red Velvet debut: 14.08.01
Bias: Wendy
Bias wrecker(s): Joy

TWICE debut: 15.10.20
Bias: Jeongyeon
Bias wrecker(s): –

MAMAMOO debut: 14.06.18
Bias: Hwasa
Bias wrecker(s): –

Girl’s Generation (SNSD) debut: 07.08.05
Bias: Sunny
Bias wrecker(s): Tiffany (hiatus), Jessica (former)

S.E.S.** debut: 1997.11
Bias: Eugene + Bada + Shoo, ’nuff said
Bias wrecker(s): –

As One** debut: 1999.11, currently on hiatus
Bias: Crystal + Min lol
Bias wrecker(s): –

Boy Groups

Monsta X** debut: 15.05.14
Bias: Shownu
Bias wrecker(s): Minhyuk, Jooheon, Kihyun, I.M

VIXX** debut: 12.05.24
#starlight #별빛
Bias: Leo + Ravi (VIXX LR)
Bias wrecker(s): Ken, N

Seventeen** debut: 15.05.26
Bias: Woozi + S.Coups + The8 + Vernon
Bias wrecker(s): Joshua, DK, Mingyu, Dino, Seungkwan

2PM** debut: 08.09.04
Bias: Jun.K + Nichkhun
Bias wrecker(s): Wooyoung, Taecyeon

Block B** debut: 11.04.13
Bias: Taeil
Bias wrecker(s): U-Kwon, P.O, Jaehyo

Big Bang** debut: 06.08.19
Bias: T.O.P + Taeyang
Bias wrecker(s): the rest of the group, lol

Highlight** (fka B2ST) debut: 2009.10 + 2016.05
Bias: Kikwang
Bias wrecker(s): Junhyung, Dongwoon

Shinee debut: 08.05.25
Bias: Onew + Jonghyun
Bias wrecker(s): Key, Minho

Deux** debut: 1993.04
Bias: Kim Sung Jae + Lee Hyun Do
Bias wrecker(s): –

Shinhwa debut: 1998.03.24
Bias: Minwoo
Bias wrecker(s): Junjin, Andy

EXO debut: 12.04.08
Bias: D.O + Suho + Chen
Former: Kris + Tao
Bias wrecker(s): Chanyeol, Kai, Xiumin

U-Kiss debut: 08.08.28
Bias: Soohyun, Alexander (former)
Bias wrecker(s): Kevin (former), Kiseop

Winner** debut: 14.08.17
Bias: Seungyoon (“Yoon”)
Bias wrecker(s): Mino

iKon debut: 15.09.15
Bias: Bobby
Bias wrecker(s): B.I, Junhoe (“Ju-ne”)

GOT7 debut: 14.01.16
#aghasae #IGOT7
Bias: JB + Youngjae
Bias wrecker(s): Jinyoung, Jackson
♥ #JJProject

B.A.P debut: 12.01.26
Bias: Yongguk + Jongup
Bias wrecker(s): Daehyun, Zelo

CNBLUE** debut: 10.01.24
Bias: Yonghwa
Bias wrecker(s): Jonghyun

Madtown debut: 14.10.06, up in the air 😭
Bias: Moos
Bias wrecker(s): Buffy (former)

Bangtan (BTS) debut: 13.06.13
Bias: J-Hope
Bias wrecker(s): Suga, Jin

NU’EST debut: 12.03.15
Bias: Baekho
Bias wrecker(s): Aron

UNIQ debut: 14.10.20
Bias: Luizy (Seungyoun)
Bias wrecker(s): Sungjoon, Wenhan

g.o.d debut: 1999.01
Bias: Joon (how can you ignore him? lol)
Bias wrecker(s): Danny

Fly to the Sky debut: 1999.11.21
Bias: Brian
Bias wrecker(s): Hwanhee

Solo Artists + Producers + KHH + KR&B

Park Jimin **
debut: 15.04.05

Kim Bum Soo **
active: 1999—present

Samuel Seo **
active: 2010—present

Primary **
active: 2004—present

Oh Hyuk + HYUKOH
active: 2014—present

Code Kunst
active: 2013—present

active: 2011—present

San E
active: 2010—present

active: 2012—present

Genius Nochang
active: 2010—present

Verbal Jint
active: 1999—present

active: 2012—present

The Quiett
active: 2004—present

active: KINGS+QUEEN of khh, 1992—present

active: 2003—present

active: 1987—present
#king #hiphopappa

Eddy Kim
active: 2014—present

Sam Kim
active: 2016—present
#mommadon’tworry #no눈치

active: 2014—present

active: 2014—present

active: 2011—present

John Park
active: 2010—present

active: 2016—present

Baek Ji Young
active: 1999—present

Americans Bridging the Chasm

These are a few artists whom I LOVE and aren’t actually kpop artists but have been featured on songs and have worked with more than a few of some kpop favs.

HeeSun Lee
#showmethemoney #breakinstereotypes

Sam Ock

Won Jang
#rapinkorean #rapinenglish