I write therapy.
You read hope.

I know it’s everywhere, but it sums up all that this blog is about. I started writing because I was full of stories and those stories helped me work through situations. I love the ability to create and imagine and tell stories. Ever since the second grade, I’ve been writing and telling stories. I see them in my dreams, in people, and I write. Sometimes they come in the form of novels, short stories, and even fan fiction (been writing these since forever, aka 2000/2001 when B2K was the hottest boy band and forums were the way to go. yeah, I’m old ;1). But however they come, they have always been to bring hope. To me, my stories are like music – the favorite songs that you have on repeat and sing along with because they touch the very core of your soul and how you feel.

So I started this blog to showcase hope and challenge myself to write all kinds of stories because it is my passion. Ultimately, I want to share my stories with you, with everybody. I hope you enjoy your stay.

“The most beautiful pieces of art
come from the ugliest situations.”

Andy Mineo “Ex Nihilo” ft. Christon Gray

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