Letters and Grad Schools and Time, Oh My!

First of all, THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING TO READ!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I know I have been gone for a LONG time, but my time has been consumed by something I’d like to call graduate school applications.

I just wanted to come and give you all a post to let you know that I am not AWOL or MIA or anything like that. This time snag will only last, hopefully, until December 15 (when just about all of my applications are due). I want to be completely focused on these applications and alleviate any added stress, so that’s why I’m taking this little break.

I have not encountered writer’s block (THANK GOD) for Surface, and in fact, I have a few ideas for a couple of short stories (no celebs portraying characters) and fan fiction. I want to put something up for the holidays, which may or may not be a holiday story (heehee), but that all depends on what is happening in my personal life and if I have time to post something of quality. 🙂

But as for my graduate school applications, I have to get them done first. Prayers and encouraging words are very much appreciated. ;1 I plan to use KeativeTherapy in my grad school work, so comments on my writing is appreciated too!

Be blessed! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And keep having hope. 😀
Nyke P

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